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The 4th Musketeer

Last updated 19 January 2016


The Musketeers: the personal elite troops of the king. All for one, one for all. They gave themselves completely for their lord. They knew they could trust each other blindly. Both in war and in peacetime. Unity. Adventure. Heroism. Servitude. Power. The Musketeers speak to our imagination. They had what we so often do miss. They were what we want to be. The 4th Musketeer is a men's movement which trains men to live for their King. He was the One who gave himself for us all. We together will give everything for Him. Our service to Him is our highest honor. His struggle is our struggle. His passion is our passion. His goals are our goals. 

The 4th Musketeer is a Christian movement that seeks to inspire every man’s heart and create
worldwide waves of justice. This mission is primarily carried out by ‘Xtreme Character Challenges’
(XCC) and ‘Muskathlons’.
An XCC is an ultimate endurance event, out in nature that creates a deep spiritual experience. The
XCC is set up like one endless day and for 72 hours men are confronted with significant physical
challenges, deep comradery and 20 moments of spiritual input. The culmination of the XCC is to lead
men to the highest place on earth: the foot of the cross, where each man that completes the challenge
becomes a member of the 4th Musketeer Movement.

By donating, you will empower 4th Musketeer to expand to other regions in South Africa and sponsor men who cannot afford the full price of the weekend to attend and be challenged with God’s purpose for their lives.

Amount Donated : R186 084,00


Address: 1447 Dickenson Avenue, Waverley, Pretoria, 0186, South Africa
Phone: 0832625056